USA Wins Gold Cup Group C with 1-0 Win Over Costa Rica

Bedoya Slide Tackled to Ground, Called fro Foul.

Bedoya Slide Tackled to Ground, Called for Foul

By the time the US and Costa Rica have reached th 69th minute in their match in Hartford, CT as part of Group C play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it was clear that these were the two best teams in the group.

Live match report:

Since the middle of the first half, the USA men have been attacking heavily.

Just a few minutes into the second half, the CR goalkeeper Pemberton came out of his area to head away the ball. The header was captured by a USA player, who then took a shot on goal. While still standing outside the penalty area, Pemberton blocked the shot with his outstretched hands. The referee from Jamaica only awarded a yellow card. The laws of soccer require a red card, so a question of favoritism is clouding the match.

To stall for time, goalkeeper Pemberton faked an injury after a minor brush with a USA player. Several minutes ran off the clock. Another CR player had to be taken off the field after a high kick, but the contact was so minor that he had to take several steps before remembering to fall down to pretend injury.

At 67 minutes, USA defender Bedoya was slide tackled down and fouled. He fell over the slide tackler. The referee from Jamaica wandered over and called Bedoya for the foul. Incredible.

Still scoreless at the 71 minute mark, it’s a very dangerous game.

Costa Rica attacking more at the 75 minute mark, but their rhythm is broken when CR #22 fouls USA Holden.

USA enters Breck Shea and Hercules Gomez at 76 minutes.

At minute 78, Diskeruud has direct shot on goal for USA, but Pemberton grabs for a save.

USA Joe Corona comes in at 79 minutes for Bedoya.

Minute 82 a goal. USA Brek Shea scores at the minute 81 on a pass from Landon Donovan in a team counterattack. This resulted from Costa Rica pushing everone up for a corner kick. Costa Rica nearly scored, forcing USA GK Johnson to make a huge save. The ball bounced high in the PA for several moments before the USA could get hold and dribble out. The ball came out on a smart lobbed pass to Donovan, and Donavan put a diagonal through ball into space 20 yards outside the CR penalty area. Brek Shea made a smart run to the space, collected the pass with one touch, the lifted a shot over a fully extended CR goalkeeper Pemberton. Pemberton got a couple fingers on the shot, but not enough to keep it out of the goal.

Still 1-0 at minute 86.

At minute 88, the USA is trying to hold the ball in the corner, more or less. USA plays all the way back to goalkeeper Johnson to kill time.

At 90 minutes, the USA is playing possession to kill time. 3 minutes of extra time noted.

At 91 minutes, Parkhurst gets a yellow card for heel clip to stop CR counterattack to goal. Free kick coming from CR about 10 yards outside area. Very dangerous. Free kick deflects over the wall, but into GK hands.

The USA will play 21 July 2013 in Baltimore against El Salvador. Honduras will play Costa Rica, also in Baltimore. Atlanta will host Mexico v TNT in the Georgia Dome.

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