Soccer Parent Conversation with Soccer Coach – Humorous Video

Soccer Parent Conversation.

Soccer Parent Conversation

We’re not sure whether to characterize this as humor or terror, but it’s a good example for new coaches of how new soccer parents really think.

Admittedly this video was scripted by a coach, but it’s been written by an experienced youth coach who has obviously lived through many such conversations with soccer parents. Point by point, the conversation turns to real things that parents misunderstand.
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Best Advice for Soccer Parents Ever Written

Soccer Coaching Notes coaching youth soccer.

Soccer Coaching Youth Soccer Coaching

In 1996, a girls soccer coach in Atlanta wrote a very short article that’s become one of the most-copied guides for parents. The copyrighted article is reprinted here in it’s entirety, with permission from the author, whose site is Soccer Coaching Notes. The instructions below were intended as advice to the coach – how to coach parents to help their players.
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