Costa Rica Protest 1-0 Loss to US in Denver Snowstorm

ESPN Reports on USA-Costa Rica Snowstorm Soccer

ESPN Reports on USA-Costa Rica Snowstorm Soccer

Costa Rica has filed a formal protest with FIFA over Friday’s 1-0 loss in a Denver snowstorm.  Costa Rica is asking for a rematch and sanctions against the referee.
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NSCAA Course Announcements for Coaches Are Out

NSCAA National Soccer Coaches Association of America Coaching Courses.

NSCAA National Soccer Coaches Association of America

The NSCAA has released it’s coaching course schedule for April 2013, showing courses in Wilson NC (5-6 April), Ellisville MS (12-14 April), and Summerville SC (Charleston area) (26-28 April).

The Wilson NC course offers a Level 2 Diploma, while the courses in Ellisville MS and Summerville SC offer a Level 6 Diploma.

The NSCAA master schedule shows courses planned all the way through 15 September 2013.

While you are visiting NSCAA, be sure to check out their Online Resource Library. It offers a ton of helpful coaching knowledge at no cost to you. Most of the content is in video format, so there’s not much boring reading to do. (Login required.)

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Open Body Shape Critical for Soccer Player Success

Open body shape is critical for soccer player success. Players who work to show an open body shape to ball and field elevate their game to an entire level. Open body shape means that the player who does not have the ball turns to face the open field and the ball, and to get to a position where that player can receive the ball and immediately turn and move forward.
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Soccer Parent Conversation with Soccer Coach – Humorous Video

Soccer Parent Conversation.

Soccer Parent Conversation

We’re not sure whether to characterize this as humor or terror, but it’s a good example for new coaches of how new soccer parents really think.

Admittedly this video was scripted by a coach, but it’s been written by an experienced youth coach who has obviously lived through many such conversations with soccer parents. Point by point, the conversation turns to real things that parents misunderstand.
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US Women’s Soccer Team Take Two from Scotland

US Women Take Two from Scotland.

US Women Take Two from Scotland

Southern Soccer Scene reports that the US Women’s National Team, with new coach Tom Sermanni, has taken two matches from Scotland.

The US women gained their second win over Scotland within four days. A crowd of 14,224 watched the US win 3-1 loss at LP Field in Nashville.

Reports say this was the largest crowd ever to watch the U.S. Women in the state of Tennessee.
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FIFA Will Use Goal Line Technology at WC 2014 Brazil

FIFA to Use Goal Line Technology

FIFA to Use Goal Line Technology

FIFA has announced that it will use goal line technology at the 2014 World Cup matches in Brazil.

FIFA has already licensed two goal line technology systems, Hawkeye and Goalref, and is open to receiving solicitations from other vendors.

In the most recent report, the German firm Cairos appears to be the leading candidate system.

Sources cite embarrasing assistant referee mistakes such as the Frank Lampard goal scored but not awarded against Germany in the 2010 World Cup England v Germany match.

Don’t look for this in youth matches or college play, the technology is too expensive for all-purpose use.
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One Sure Way to Guarantee Your Player’s Success

Youth Player Juggling.

Youth Player Juggling

There’s one certain way to guarantee your soccer player’s success, but you have to do your homework when your player is only 8. There are many other paths to success, but the path shown here is very reliable and produces early results you can observe, with satisfaction.
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Most Obvious Red Cards Ever

Soccer Red Card.

The Red Card

Many red cards are controversial – either undeserved or completely backwards. In a few cases, you may question the sanity of the referee.

Bad Red Cards

For example, in the Brazil – Ghana world cup match 2006-06-27, a Ghana attack penetrated the Brazilian defense into their penalty area. He splits two defenders but loses the ball. He continues forward to challenge for a loose ball, but the ball is cleared by a defender. The defender, never touched, pretends to be fouled, and should have been sent off. The attacker stumbles only slightly, and recovers his balance without touching the ground. The moronic referee issued a straight red – an astonishing result.
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Best Advice for Soccer Parents Ever Written

Soccer Coaching Notes coaching youth soccer.

Soccer Coaching Youth Soccer Coaching

In 1996, a girls soccer coach in Atlanta wrote a very short article that’s become one of the most-copied guides for parents. The copyrighted article is reprinted here in it’s entirety, with permission from the author, whose site is Soccer Coaching Notes. The instructions below were intended as advice to the coach – how to coach parents to help their players.
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Oldest Youth Soccer Coaching Site on the Web

Soccer Drill Illustration.

Soccer Drill Illustration

It’s always a surprise to find an ancient soccer coaching site that’s still up and running, nearly in it’s original format. Newer coaching sites are very slick, with lots of video and animations, and perhaps in some ways less personal. Jeff Pill’s soccer site remains unchanged from many years ago, when disco was still popular.
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